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Travel may take place or be necessary for many reasons. Some people travel for pleasure, some for business or any other number of reasons. Whatever your reason is, our purpose is to provide you with a great travel ideas resource guide to streamline your planning and maximize your overall experience.


mole-national-park-ghana-west-africaConfusing Ghana map image

This won’t be the first weird Google image. A confusing car crash in Ghana shows up on Google Maps. See what had map users confused due to a very strange wreck. Northbound in the Southbound lane, heading East in a Westerly direction?

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holidays-cancunPaid for Traveling!

Learn to get paid for traveling Cancun and experiencing everything it has to offer. There is a travel company that is willing to pay people to do such a thing. Swimming with the sharks is optional of course. Hurry, positions are limited!

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traveling exerciseDon’t miss your workout

Do you want to travel but don’t want to compromise your fitness program? Find out some of the best travel locations to stay fit while visiting so you don’t have to miss your workout.

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Below you will find some of the previous traveling locations our viewers experienced. Simply click on the “Read More” button to view the rest of the images. As always, we would really enjoy seeing and hearing about where you have traveled in the past. Just use this submit link and you will be sent to the appropriate page. We look forward to hearing from you.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah This state capital of Utah is a major attraction area for people...


Germany Nothing like traveling Germany in springtime. Photo credits – Steve...

Bahamas – Caribbean

The Bahamas is a chain of coral based islands in the Caribbeans. The capitol is Nassau. The...

Orlando Florida

Orlando Florida A trip to Disney World and some other popular places. Photo credits - Brent D....


Switzerland Nothing like traveling Switzerland in springtime. Photo credits - Steve...


Panama City There is a port where the cruise ships come in called Central of Colon. It's also a...

Fun in Cancun

Native dancing by the Underground river. Chichen Itza pyramid. Photo credits - Priscilla W.

Travel News & Updates

2017 Best Domestic Airports

Time spent at airports and on flights can consume a lot of time. This time can either make or break a vacation or business trip. To help make your decisions easier, and to recognize those airports that can actually make your time spent there enjoyable, we wanted to pass this information along. The information comes from yearly surveys that allows people to share their experiences on to others. Airports were rated on various attributes such as ease of access, check-in experiences, TSA, dining, entertainment, shops, and facility layout. Find out who is awesome!


Tourist safety at Egyptian attractions

Some sources say it is fairly safe to travel in Egypt depending on where you travel. As far as petty crimes like muggings, pick picketing and robberies, it is no worse than other western cities. Most of the time, it has been noted by my sources that Egyptians are very friendly people. Stays at hotels go very well, as the staffs are very eager to please. You will definitely want to be careful when purchasing in areas where tourists are known to buy items. For the latest updates on travel in Egypt.


Unusual customs in other countries

Country culture and customs vary more than one could ever imagine. Not observing some of these cultural customs can be very offensive in some cases. Let’s say you are going to a very special event in Greece, like a wedding, baby baptism, etc. If you don’t spit on the bride or the baby, some may take great offense to this since spitting in Greece is considered a good luck charm and great for warding off evil spirits. In contrast, if you did this in America, you would probably get socked in the nose or maybe arrested for using a bio-hazard.

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