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We would love to see and hear about your travels and adventures. Please feel free to submit your information below. We will be choosing some of our viewers’ submissions to feature on our website. When you submit your images, please provide some details on them. Many people would really appreciate knowing what your experience was, good or bad. Our goal is to help travelers make educated decisions on where they go and what they do.

If you have your images on an Android Smartphone, Tablet, iPhone/iPad, fear not. Here are the links to get your images from your device before you start.

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Below, we explain the details about the following form and the information we will be requesting in each area.

Travel details: In the “Details” box, please tell us about your images. We would love to hear the details about your adventures. Everyone else would love to hear it also! Kindly share any tips you have also as to what you enjoyed, what to avoid, what you did, etc. If your submission is chosen, the words below in the form will be used as you note them. (e.g. Image name ‘Cancun Pyramid’ or ‘DC764800’, Description “What an amazing site this was!”) (Please keep in mind that we may choose to edit your posts for grammar, punctuation, or length.)

Image Credits: If the images are not your own, PLEASE list the photographer, company, vendors, or people credits as to where the images came from below. The credits can also be a website URL. NOTE: We will not except WATERMARKED IMAGES. They must not be branded by photographers or other people.

URL for images: For us to gain access to your images, please upload them to an online album (Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, etc.) and provide the link/URL address to the location of the images. PLEASE BE SURE THE IMAGE ALBUM IS NOT SET TO PRIVATE. If your album is set to private, we won’t be able to view the images.

Authorizing Electronic Signature: By typing your name in the box below, you are granting us access to your images and the details you submitted above to be published on our website.

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